The Porperty is  located :

26, chemin du Piolet (ou de la Gruerie) (Quartier Nice Nord)


Two Solutions to arrived :

-  While coming from the center town of Nice : The boulevard of Cessole until the Goiran place, in the axis and opposite taking the avenue of Vallière and of continuation on the line while going up, the boulevard of Mow Planed until the 79: The 26, Chemin du Piolet (or Gruerie) is on the left,  go 50m and to the iron gate and white pillars: RING Mr. Dumand

On the GPS dial 79 boulevard de Las Planas and take the Chemin de la Gruerie (or du Piolet depend the GPS).

- While motorway  :  Leave to Northern Nice and to take on the line the direction "Gairaut/Aspremont" with the first crossroads to take on the left the boulevard Henri Sappia (to pass in front of the College Henri Fabre and to continue the principal road which goes up until the bus stop, take then opposite on the left the Boulevard de Las Planas which goes down until the 79 and immediately on the right the turn pins the 26 of them, Chemin du Piolet (or Gruerie), to go down 50m to the iron gate and white pillars: RING Mr. Dumand

Jérôme Dumand
06 03 64 88 98
François Alibert
06 03 84 43 49
26 chemin de la Gruerie 06100 NICE